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                                              Miracle Coat International Unlimited Possibilities

For the best décor and function concrete coatings and concrete repair products, Miracle Coat
International is a go-to coating company that is second to none as the need for high quality coating
materials tremendously increases in both residential and commercial setting. We can make your
exterior and interior wall, decking and flooring systems draped magnificently with a touch of magic.
We manufacture the best coating repair products and decorative concrete coatings in Tampa
Bay, FL, NC, TX and with the goal of extending the business in the whole US. Maintaining the
versatility and smoothness of any surface is our job. At Miracle Coat International we provide
the solution to your décor and function needs with attention to detail and finish that accounts
for superior coverage, excellence and quality.

Our high engineer experience imbued with the artistry of our stoneworkers, artisans, manufacturers
and installers can attest to the greatness and durability of the products we provide customers in NC,
TX and others areas in the US for the extension of the business, especially in Tampa Bay, FL which
we served for almost 2 decades of A+ service. To buy products from us entails an overall customer
satisfaction. Be that as it may, we make sure that we make your home surface beautiful, stong and
maintenance free. We take pride in providing many products— acrylic cement, urethane
sealer, epoxy, others—for use in exterior and interior flooring, ICF wall systems, EPS systems and
more. Thus in specifics, our products include Decorative Concrete Systems, Concrete Repair
Products, Epoxy Systems, Urethane and other Sealer Systems and Epoxy Rock (also referred to as
River Rock). Also our manufactured materials consist of acrylic, urethane additives and other coating

We can execute any project for your home improvement needs. And as you buy products such as
acrylic cement coatings, urethane sealers, epoxies and other specialty sealers you will realize how
your project will COST LESS and how your interior and exterior view will LOOK BETTER and LAST
LONGER. We deliver prompt and professional service in Tampa Bay, FL and in TX and NC. To be
further emphasized, North Carolina and Texas, along with other states, are to be included in our
expansion plans. It is noted that our products perform very well under extreme hot or cold conditions,
so there are no limitations on locations.
We promise to meet every project expectation and quality product guaranty. Our acrylic cement
coatings, epoxies, sealers and other decorative and concrete repair products are high graded
materials perfect for residential and commercial construction/remodeling. When it comes to durability
and uniqueness, budget- and quality-wise, we’re still the best. Why? Because: Miracle Coat
costs less than the materials it replicates, and is better than bricks, stones or pavers.
Now if you are interested to buy our products, just give us a call. We will respond to you anytime
of the day. Phone us now at (352) 597-1024. Thank you.